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Jim Bottis has been providing high quality, fairly priced plumbing and heating services to Massachusetts homeowners and businesses for more than 20 years. Because of his reputation for providing exceptional customer service with reasonable pricing, his business has grown steadily, incorporating as Bottis Plumbing & Heating, Inc. in 2003. As its president, Jim continues to personally interview each and every plumber, gas fitter and boiler technician that joins his corporation. He also monitors and guides his team, insuring that they successfully meet his high standards of excellence that he has set for his customers’ satisfaction, his business, his work and for all who work under the banner of Bottis Plumbing & Heating, Inc. Jim Bottis has always held the belief that his business is a reflection of his own personal standards and beliefs. That is why he has also brought his personal concern for the environment into to our business. By teaming with leaders in the fields of geothermal heating and cooling systems, irrigation systems, and low-flow, plumbing fixtures, we offer safe, environmentally sound, renewable, energy resources that help you to save energy while saving our mobile plumbing and heating vehicles.

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Wow – Bottis plumbing and heating was great! The plumber came out and gave an honest and reasonable estimate. He was able to work with my timeline and got the job done in 1 day. I would recommend them any day of the week.
Josh M. - Berlin, MA
Bottis Plumbing & Heating’s response to my Internet request was almost immediate! Jim Bottis was honest, pleasant to speak with and very accommodating. He even followed through on his promise to call when he got near my neighborhood – I haven’t had any contractor do as they promised before. His word was good and his work is too – I will be using him again in the future. Thanks again to Bottis Plumbing & Heating for service to people like me, a homeowner, with no experience and fairly new to the area, it’s appreciated!
Leona L. - Leominster, MA
Incredible! We were in the middle of preparing our Thanksgiving dinner when the kitchen sink’s pipe burst with water pouring out. We frantically went through the phone book, calling 2 or 3 companies looking for immediate help. We finally found it with Bottis Plumbing and Heating! In fact it was the owner, Jim Bottis who came to our rescue that holiday. He not only did great work but his cost was fair too! Jim Bottis gave us another reason to give thanks on that special day! We love telling everyone about Bottis Plumbing and Heating!
John S. - Holden, MA